Why Belotero Has Become the Favorite in the Family of Fillers

Belotero Box

Even though parents would never want to admit to claiming one child as the favorite, the dermal facial industry apparently sees no problem with proudly making that proclamation in their own family. Belotero is quickly becoming the stand out injectable treatment that hordes of women are gravitating towards, and for good reason.

Touted as not just another hyaluronic acid product, the newest addition to the family of dermal injectables is receiving quite the warm welcome. One of the biggest differences between the new arrival versus other fillers that have dominated the market is that the former has a different chemical structure. Based on patented cross-linking technology, this filler has a uniform particle size that practically makes lines disappear upon contact.

Additionally, because of the filler’s unique structure, the Tyndall effect is essentially avoided, which in medical terms, refers to the blue discoloration that occurs at the injection site. A product that has the ability to dodge such an effect is remarkably useful in cases where the treatment is applied around the eye area. This area of the face is highly susceptible to the effects of Tyndall because of the thinness of skin.

Ideal for fine lines around the lips and eyes, Belotero is a great option for those seeking a softening and smoothing effect without adding volume. Natural and long-lasting, it will make you look well-rested and refreshed, and when you look good, you feel even better.