Juvederm Is The Big Thing in the World of Cosmetic Surgery

Juvederm is the latest and greatest filler being used by countless doctors and in millions of patients safely and effectively. It is a hyaluronic acid that has a very soft consistency, which works great for the lips and folds between the nose and mouth.

It plumps deep facial creases and wrinkles as well as smooths fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and the benefits are readily apparent. You will be able to see the results immediately after the first treatment. Generally, one initial treatment is all that is needed. The results are long lasting—usually six months to a year.

The procedure is easy and quick. The doctor simply inserts gel under the skin with a very small needle. The injection site can be sore and bumpy at first, but it quickly becomes soft like the surrounding skin. If swelling or redness occurs, it is likely to be minimal. An ice compress on the site will help to rapidly reduce the symptoms.

When compared to the cost of plastic surgeries for the face, Juvederm is really quite inexpensive. Many patients are using it instead of undergoing a procedure for a facelift, browlift, or eyelid surgery. It does not require testing for allergies because the hyaluronic acid the gel is composed of is human based and safe. It is also FDA approved.