Sun Damage To Your Skin

Sun damage to your skin can range from a tan line to dark spots on the skin all from a day spent lapping up and bathing in those UV rays. How we rectify the damage to your skin is not as clear cut as you may think. After the sun damage to your skin is done and you are left with several dark spots or an uncomfortable sun burn, the question is can you reverse the sun damage.

With all the available information telling you how to prevent a sunburn, it is a beauty sin to skip the sunscreen and take on those damaging UV rays. That being said, trying to repair sun damage to your skin after it has occurred remains a touchy subject.  One way to calm your sunburn is to apply aloe lotion or an over the counter sunburn cream. While this may temporarily reduce the sting youare experiencing, it does not address a deeper problem, cellular damage under the skin. If you have forgotten to apply your sun screen before running out to bask in the sunlight, it is important to know how to repair any skin damage that you may have encountered.

There is one thing for sure regarding over exposure to the sun, it will speed up the aging process. Sun damage to your skin is the number one cause of extrinsic aging, which simply means aging caused by the environment. The sun’s UV rays will also wreak havoc on the pigment of your skin and skin tone. Thickness of the skin and uneven pigmentation is caused by being in the sun for long periods of time also known as solar elastosis.

There is no simple answer to curing the effects of sun damage on a molecular level, but there are solutions in the works by scientists for UV damage to your skin. You cannot go back in time and erase the sun damage to your skin, but there are ways to slow it down. You should always were a SPF sunscreen of 30 or higher when going out in the sun, where a wide brimmed hat and do not stay in the sun for long periods of time.