Keep Your Skin Clean And Apply Moisturizer

In a study done in 2010 it was found that 40 percent of people who wear makeup are damaging their skin by not cleansing their face before they go to bed. The reason behind this was most people were too tired to remove it, which in turn means that they are not getting a good night sleep which also can affect your skin health. Other excuses were they did not want to be bothered with it or they had too much alcohol to drink.

According to dermatologist Dr. Ken Landow of Skin Essentials, keeping your skin clean is a crucial part of skin care, it removes bacteria and dirt embedded in your skin. When cleansing your face it is best to use warn water over hot water and the key is to do it gently. Limit the time you spend in the shower or bath to 10 minutes or less since too much time can remove the oils from your skin.

Using moisturizers on your face and skin will help protect from dryness and also will act as a protective layer. When cleansing your skin it is important to use mild soaps to avoid irritating additives like dyes and perfumes, especially if your skin is sensitive. A good moisturizer is important since it protects your skin from the outdoor weather and drying out leaving a dull look. Maintaining a good moisture level in your skin helps seal the water already in your skin and will slowly release water into your skin.

If you have oily skin you want to avoid oil based moisturizers and if your skin is dry you want to avoid alcohol based products. Instead use water based products.